I am 13 week pregnant and i am losing weight and no bump..what are the causes of it?

Hi don't worry you will gain weight in the second trimester even I have been losing weight in gms. due to vomiting but doc.said it's fine as long as baby is growing,just eat what you crave for in small measures the whole day.

don't worry at all. just keep eating nutritious food (as i shared in ur other q) and walk every day.

Some mothers show bump late like me 😄

Hello nutritious food..fruits..

Dont worry dear.. u vil gain w8 in 2nd or 3rd trimester..

I started gaining weight only after 6 months and thr bump also started showing around tht time. I am due this month and i have gained aroind 10kgs. Dont worry. Max weight gain will happen around 3rd trimester. Enjoy. Dont stress. Even if you dont gain much weight as long as ur baby is healthy within nothing to worry

#Nilofer shaikh thanx pray for me and wish you the best for ur new one ❤😊

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