hi my 5 month old ,body is a little warmer than usual . this has never happened before. wht do I do ?

Hi. Have you taken baby's temperature? Any other symptoms?

temp is showing 97 however eyes a little watery

Is baby in pain or discomfort. Since temp is not so much it may be at early stage. Child's immunity system may be fighting it. As a precaution ensure baby has plenty of rest and fruits. Right now pls monitor as soon as you see other symptoms inform Dr. All the best. By the way Nike, hope you found a good pediatrcian

thanks Priya, not yet .since he is only 5 months no fruit juice for him.

he is not showing any discomfort right now .should I take him to the doc ?

r u bathing the baby regularly??

if not

then bath the baby with lukewarm water.
body temp vl get normal

ya , I give him a bath everyday

sar aur pair dhaktay ho ya nai after bathing??

sar agar dhaktay ho,
then OK..

but don't wear socks after bathing.
the body temp vl rise.