pls help, my two months old baby cry full evening, it's seems that she wants to sleep, but wen I try to put her to sleep, she never sleeps, just crying so hard, pls help

I feed her enough, stil she cry cry n cry

Your little one may have colic and it is best to discuss relief medication with the doctor.

I agree , she may b having coloc pain n so wud b crying at a particular time.
U can try giving 4-5 drops of colicaid med . that Wil relieve the pain due to colic

dr.aaruushi mam, she is only 1 month ten day old is it fine to give her that medicine? hw many times a day?

yes it's safe to give this medication. give only in evening while the child cries. 4-5 drops. not more. try making the child on left side to relieve the gas faster

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