My baby is 3months old.... He s sucking his hands always.. After every feed also. All r telling lyk he s nt enough with the feed. But he s active n does urine more than 7tyms also. Hearing lyk dis I feel sad.. Wat to do?

needhi prabhakar

dis is not the reason...my baby do the same thing and i practically feed  aftr hearing dis and  he vomit the milk dur to.over feed .. so .. it's ok ..
if u feel milk is low den have onion seed powder  with milk..

Sheeba Vijesh

dear Aiswarya, shut off these negative talks. you know that your baby is getting enough milk. there is no such thing as low milk supply... babies these age suck on their hands and put things in their mouth.. it means the baby is learning hand mouth coordination.. it means the baby is behaving normal for his age...only when baby gets hands-mouth coordination, can they in future feed themselves.. also, it is their way of exploring their world, by tasting... everyone is out to advise a pregnant woman and a new mom, it is up to us to filter what is right, and ignore the rest... take care dear, and don't stress...

Sheeba Vijesh

besides, babies are said to suck thumbs when they are in womb.. thank god no one sees that, or they would try to put feeding there also...😱😛

Sweta Nagubandi

Babies have rhe tendency to explore every thing around them. their hands and fingers are the same. that's nothing to do with hunger or low milk supply. Pls be positive n keep the baby engaged when she/he keeps fingers in mouth.

Afrin Banu A

This s one of the milestone dear... don wanna get worried abt this.. my baby is 4 months n she puts all her 5 fingers inside her mouth... if the pee count is above 6+ then the milk is sufficient! no worries take care !

Sangeetha Karuna

Sheeba.. I totally loved your answer.. Same is happening here.. If she cries after an hour after the feed, ppl saying that she s not getting enough milk and she is growing.. Same answer if she puts her finger in the mouth..

Sheeba Vijesh

ya i know sangeetha.. been through that... i would just smile and say i have enough milk... sumtimes i would be like 😬 this inside my head... no way i can give proof!!!

Arwa Hozefa

It's not about the feed .. alot of children have a habit of sucking their fingers.  try stopping it child from doing so as they kill their hunger by sucking and also don't gain weight as they keep sucking on fingers . try to feed at intervals of 1 and a half hours

Varsha Alange

my baby does same,i asked my doctor regarding external feeding.she said if the baby is gaining proper weight then you shouldn't worry about.

Shradha Tripathi

This is a very common activity done by almost all the babies.. there is nothing to worry.. it is there way of exploring the new world by tasting... at later stage they even try to put their feet in their mouth... let them enjoy.. !!

Nikita Kandoi Paliwala

ya...evn my baby is doing the same thing nowadays....bt u shud juz ignore evrythn...hv fun wid d moment n trust urself....d habit vil change wid tym

Nimisha Mistry

Sucking hand is normal

Nikita Kandoi Paliwala

my dadi has adviced me 2 apply some neem paste on her hands...bcoz of which she might not like d taste n stop taking her hands in her mouth....evn m thinking of trying it 2dae

Sangeetha Karuna

Hey Nikita.. I believe you can try applying those after a year.. Cos now they are putting without any intention.. After All very small kids

Sheeba Vijesh

spot on Sangeetha, my 8 month old no longer sucks hands as much as he did before, now rarely he does it, as his hands are busy learning new skills... this habit will change after sometime on its own...

Tamanna Khatter

Hi..dont relate dis to dat his tummy is nt full dats d reason hez doin dis..its ok.hez in growing age.infants have habit of exploring d things dats y hez doin it.its vry normal..all u hv to do to avoid dis is divert him vid some lights n sounds toys..try to divert him fr 3-4days whnevr he puts his hand in his mouth n eventually he vl quit his habit of putting hands in his mouth..you  hv to change his habit by diversion..i remember my baby used to do d same.he used to suck his thumb whn ge was in same age bt he has changed his habit bcz whenvr he used to dat.I used to divert him vid oder things..hold his hands n strt playin vid his hands..very simple n it really works!
n pls be positive.dnt listen to everyone only listen to ur intution ftrall its ur baby!

Dr Hrishikesh Dingankar

Exploring ANYTHING that the baby can get his/her mouth to, by mouth is almost THE NORM in babies! It becomes a "habit" ONLY IF we make the baby conscious by prohibiting it! Otherwise they will gradually get bored of it and stop doing it as they grow!

DrDipti k

babies suck their thumb and hand as it is the most natural thing for them to suck,
suckling on something makes them feel secure, because for babies the most secure place in the world is suckling mummy's breast, it's not relate to tummy full or not.
I agree with tamanna, divert the attention. and try distracting and unique play this like rattles and other colourful things.
if his tummy is not fully he will cry,thats their most basic instinct, also talk to your pediatrician about this. but I think it's pretty normal for babies of this age to suck their hands, only if it continues beyond 6 months of age then is a thing to worry

Veena Vachhani

my baby did the same but he left that habit with time. so need not to worry

Aiswarya Shankar

Really thanks for all ur answers

Vishala Nagaraj

my baby does it too..she is 4 month old now..she too started it when she was 3 month old

Dhara Popat

superb one Sheeba Vijesh :)

Sheeba Vijesh

thank you Dhara Popat... ☺

Shikha Shrivastava

all babies do so including mine

Rhituparna Mitra

Sucking is a natural reflex in babies to soothe themselves. It's fine if he sucks at this age. Gradually figure out other ways of soothing.

Sriparna Banerjee Thakurta

After 3 months sucking hands and sometimes outcome of saliva from mouth; is normal.... allow him to use his hands and go to doctor for periodic check ups..

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