I have 24 month pregnancy n I have digestion problem I don't take proper meal in a day pls tell me what should I do?

vomiting and Digestion problem is Normal.

take fluids.. and
use Lemon water..
u vl feel better.

take light 6 small meal followed by lots of salds fruits n water(any healthy liquids)..take ca tablet in d day time n iron tablet during will help you..

Watch what foods cause the indigestion and stay away from them. Eat small portions eat frequently and make sure you make healthy choices.

I have constipation all time in this period of 24 month pregnancy, I took medicines but there is no relief. pls tell me what should I do

take bread with a lot of butter.
eat bananas..
drink milk with added sugar.

I am in trouble pls help me.
I have 32 weeks pregnancy and my hemoglobin is 9.8
liquor is - adequate AFI- 9
single loop of cord around the neck is seen
pls tell me what should I do in this

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