my daughter is 5 months now..recently I saw white patches around her neck n area around vagina.i consulted Doctor n he said it's fungal infection n will take time to cure..n he said to keep the area dry n gave one ointment n candid powder..but I am worried seeing it clearly visible n the white area looks so odd..plz help and suggest

You need to follow prescription as per the doctor. Keep the area clean and dry. When cleaning first clean with a warm moist cloth and then then Pat dry.

yes. follow what the doctor has advised. it should take a week to get cleared. ensure proper hygiene too and keep the area dry.

oh it's normal even my baby also suffered from same issue I can understand your situation please apply zole-f-lotn 3 times for 15 days and after that apply seamed will take time don't worry

thanx all..hey Aparna how long it took for ur baby to get cured..