Hii frends.... M 26 weeks 1 day pregnant... Recently like before 1 week i have a vaginal pain while walking or when sitting on chair and gt up for this nomal? Is nybody have the same pain? It's killing me by the way

Good morning. Can happen. should settle down. have more fluids. if does not then see your gynaecologist.

yes it is normal... it is called Braxton hicks contractions....

by discuss with your doctor

hi I am 28 weeks pregnant I am also going through same kind of pain.
what u can do to relax is put a pillow between u r knees and when trying to get up from bed make sure that u put down both of ur legs 2gether on the floor.
Moreover do not stress on ur waist while getting up stress on ur knees.
While changing clothes take someone's help do not bend too much and most importantly give rest to the muscles .
It has really helped me a lot

Also whenever u r in a sitting position make sure u have a back rest

dear don't worry take calcium more like milk , paneer, lassi will help to reduce your pain .. because my doctor suggested to's very helpful for me...I hope to you also

This is normal pain... I also felt same but after 32nd week

its common dear.. have more calcium rich foods

it's a Calcium problem please eat all calcium food like milk curd paneer ....I know because same situation with me when I m in 6-7 months pregnant my doctor recommended to me.

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