i have baby girl 2 n half . she is very agressive in nature .. how to handle her behaviour ..plz help

It's a phase . I'm going thru the same thing  . u have to be firm and have to keep explaining to them that they need to calm down .

Hi Nirmala,  what do you mean by aggressive?  What does your baby do? Does she speak aggressively or hits /bites?

Yaa, similar kind of baby. Aggressive I guess, She won't listen. simply crying and shouting. My gal will argue with me. I have to tell everything in detail. Too dramatic...

Two year olds are a little difficult,  unlike the first year. That's why they are also called 'terrible twos'.  However,  if children are behaving a little differently,  your response to their behavior can increase or decrease.  Ignore undesirable behaviors,  and distract the child,  while in a tantrum by singing or playing something new.

Kids of this age are getting exposed to new things..  seeing a new environment ... hence this nature is normal .. keep repeating a couple of times. n she will understand. keep giving examples. I have a baby who is the same..  but after repeatedly telling they will tend to understand.

u can reinforce her by giving her fav items when she behaves well ..whereas ignore her tantrum behaviours...if u act negatively ..they would rather become more irritated...u can try moulding her tantrum activities by modelling her how to say her needs what she requires in a better way..u can giv other kids also as a model ..or. her own gud part as a model.and remind her..see u behaved so well that time...u r a good girl ...

thank u all .. but if we ignore her she tries to hit n bite .. i can' t understand why it so.. but i'll try as u all mentioned .. thank uu...

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