My daughter has a very sensitive skin. Even a small insect bite leads to big rashes and she gets irritated with itching. I apply boroplus, boroline, suthol...nothing works. She gets relief only after 4-5 days. I use Johnsons soap for bath, as it is mild for kids. Also apply some powder. What should I do more so that she doesnot suffer so much?

hi rohini, i think you should consult a skin specialist. avoid using powder on the skin (unless very humid in summers for underarms) as she doesn't need it. also try calamine lotion - that's what i use for my daughter when she has something irritating her skin. u can switch to himalaya soap for a while. sometimes our skin gets immune to one brand so it's good to change in between. my daughter is also a johnson's baby :)

ps: we also use boroplus for everything - it's always in my purse :)

My daughter sweats also a lot. We stay in kolkata and the weather is highly humid. So I keep applying powder on her back, underarms...

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