I am keep on crying because of family problems. will it affect my baby?

Roopashree Siddireddy

No. it won't. It just know that mom is upset. But surely it will affect you. Try to calm down and relax. For u should be strong to take care of baby.

Sheeba Vijesh

hi meena, pregnancy can bring a lot of mood swings due to hormone changes... it is important that you stay calm, happy and stress free during this time, as the baby does get affected by its mother's state of mind... only when you are happy, will you be able to take better care of yourself.. talk the matters over with your family when everything is in a settled mood, explain that you are feeling hurt and why.. and if you still get into situations where you feel like crying, divert your mind by listening to good music, or read a good book, or talk to your baby about the fun things you are going to do together when he/she will be born... after all, now you have a beautiful little companion with you all the time, so be happy.. take care dear...

Sheeba Vijesh

anytime dear... be happy... ☺


yes stress is not good for baby .

Nity Panwar

Be strng meena i hv also gone to same situations bt u shld be strng .Nd settle done all misunderstanding wid ur fmily u shuld try to keep urself hppy go out meet ur frnds nd neighbour it will change ur mood nd mind

Kakoli Phookan

yes dear crying , depression  may affect your baby in any manner so try to divert ur mind by what ever u like. take proper meal and do what ever is ur hobby .....all d best dear....one more thing u r going to enter in a new world of peranting so be calm and be happy ....tKe care

Macdalin Suresh Andrew

It's not so much the crying that affects the baby, but more so the emotional stress your body goes through which can be potentially harmful. Crying is sometimes a good way to vent and release but if you are crying to the point that you are hyperventilating and throwing up, then you run the risk of harming the baby. dnt worry about the problems because ur baby is precious than ur problmes.. in front of our baby others are nothing.  so dont b worry dear.. all thinks r happen fa good reson...  u and ur baby will b safe n all time. nothing will harm u and ur baby. god s there for u.

Arwa Hozefa

Yes .. try not to be upset.. it baby feels what you feel .

Nazeema Shaheen

hi Meena, crying and thinking of your problems will cause stress n stress will definitely affect your baby.please stay calm ,focus on Ur healthand the  bundle of joy who is yet to come.think of Ur baby n nothing else.crying won't bring any changes in life,think of solutions n adjustments.we mom's here are always with u .can share ur feelings n feel lighter.listen to music,get urself involved in prayers and be happy.take care of urself n baby

Deepali Gala Mamania

Yes it can ... whatever the problems be ... share with your friend if not then jott it down in a book ... or find an alternative and don't give importance to your problem so much... be happy ...

Anum Abbas

Meena, I too went through the same situation when I was pregnant. Don't worry. Remember God and pray. Stress will affect ur child.

Suma Arun Kumar

Whatever is your problem please try to come out of it...
For the sake of the careless people don't affect your loveable baby....
Care your baby don't Care others...
Live for it don't live for others...
Give the baby a joyful environment in the journey of your womb...

Babita Rawat

hey Meena. being a girl / woman, we all have faced these types of problems. now see ur baby it there who I have to take care nd for whom u have to smile. keep calm, be happy always smile. motherhood is a great gift, enjoy it. 

Keerthi Kavi

Before crying think of baby u will definitely smile.....  Talk more to ur baby it will relax ur mind and keep u calm

Avani Tulapurkar

Hi Meena, we can understand that your have family problems but try to stay calm, happy during pregnancy as this phase for you is new and it has to be enjoyable. pregnancy changes a mother's life and that change should be a smiling one. i know it's difficult but do try not just for yourself but for your little one who is going to arrive

Sonam Dadul

try 2 focus on ur baby n feel happy as u ve nw gift n b strong...pray n be expressive to those who cn help u in ur pain.

Beenu Saxena

meena try to settle the issue with ur family if its not working stop bothering about them.
even i have gone through with d same problem and i stpped talking to ma mum.
jst imagine how difficult it was for me but i did it for ma little one.

Ankita Mitra

hii dear
I went through the  same situation .....frm my personal exo i can say that ..if u wer upset loss will be only urs as u wer nt able to enjoy ur motherhood..jst keep this in mind when ever u again get upset. as time flys away and u will not get this lovely life time feeling again...second  preg exp  will also b different..
try to do all good thing like listnening music reading books talking to ur baby etc
take care take rest have funwid ur baby  enjoy dear

Pooja singh

yes if u r not happy it will affect ur baby too. try to keep away from family issues. either resolve them or ignor them. being happy is very imp during pregnancy as it makes ur baby's personality. ur state of mind plays very imp role during pregnancy. so pls pls pls take care of urself. keep urself happy nd healthy. give priority to urself at this time atleast. nd be positive everything will be OK.

Sonika Singh

hi Meena... what's up....now you are feeling

Meena Lochini

I am fine Sonika😀😀

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