Hello moms, please let me know the milk expressed from breastpump can b stored in fridge? if yes then for how long.

can keep it for outside fridge 8 hrs in fridge 5 to 7 days

Yes, you can keep it in fridge. It can be preserved upto 6 hours, while using it from fridge do boil it twice and use it. You can store it outside in room temperature 3 to 4 hours only.

Breast milk can be stored at room temperature which is about 26 degrees for four hours. In the fridge at 4 degrees for 48 hours and in the freezer at -16 degrees for 3 months. When feeding the baby milk should be brought to room temperature by keeping the milk container in a vessel which has warmed water. Never boil or microwave breast milk as it will kill valuable nutrients.

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