i am having constants fights screeming shouting with my husband from last few days over some issues. will this affect the baby inside ? he is least bothered about my pregnancy and always shouts and screems on me and even hurt me physically.

Priya Sood Prisha Lalwani Charu Sareen Sheeba Vijesh Sheeba Rizvi

hey.. what Im going to say u may not like it.. but take a stand ..leave him
. and a register a fir against him

this will definitely going to tell ur baby that his/her mom took a stand and saved his/her future

if he don't care for u in this stage.. he will never ever care for u.. it's a waste living with a insensitive person.. think about ur future .. u have ur full life.. and ur baby is definitely not liking this in there

dear first of all try n don't stress too much it's not good for the baby. n staying in a abusive relationship is not good for u n for the baby. if u guys r beyond talking which i assume u r as u said he hurts u physically i think its time to lodge a complaint n leave him n go somewhere safe. u must not let him hurt u ever again. besides u don't want a father like him for ur child. if he doesn't care bout his pregnant wife he also never care for a child n mother. good luck to u

First of all big hugs. We are all here with you. You are not alone. first of all have u discussed this with some one close to u ? have u discussed this with ur family ? what are the reasons for fighting ? whatever culd be the reason , being you is not acceptable. you might want to consider going to ur mother's place and then begin thinking about next steps to this relationship. It definitely will affect u and ur baby and that's the last thing u want. We are all here for u so give us  shout. can u message me on chat and we can see how we can help u ?

Advise from our mom Sai Lalitha
It does affect the baby. Babies can hear and feel emotions from around 20+week in pregnancy.
Figure out a way to take break or stay with parents or friends. Pull out articles on fetus development and share it with ur hubby. Very often awareness makes heart grow fonder. Whenever u feel the baby kicks, if possible ask ur hubby to feel it. Listen to music, set differences aside and cheer up. I know its not as was as said but worth the effort. Pregnancy itself will give mood swings, getting urself together is important. Do things u like n refrain from bad thoughts n arguments. Tc. Wish someone takes u out to a park or a movie or get u ur fav food.

Advise from our MomStar Nandini Aravind
You need to calm yourself down please. Try your best to avoid situations were you feel a fight is going to happen like if ur discussing about a topic and u know it will end there just end that topic and walk away..  How ever difficult it is going to be you should try to do it. Such outbursts can affect your overall health and babys health too. Try and reach out to your support system....on such situations. Do things that will make you happy. But the biggest issue to deal with is....probably your husband and u can try therapy and couples counselling because it doesn't look like a temporary problem but something that cant be ignored and taken lightly. First get urself some peace and quite and a good support system to bank on then.....think of getting professional help for both....coz with the baby coming everything will change. Don't worry hang in there...motherhood will bring our the strength you never thought you had.

hey dear try to solve problems between you,  nd talk with your family and friends.

Hats Off to Baby Chakra fr Valuable Suggestions 👍

Dear */
If You are Arguing or Fighting with Your Hubby On Imp or Genuine Topics..
And without Understanding,  he Abuses U mentally or physically.. then he is Wrong..
If U instinct him with talking about Unnecessary things  which he don't like.. then plz avoid such Topics.
And try to avoid over arguing with your hubby.
First 2-3 years r very hectic between a no.  of Couples.
Try to Understand each other..

my opinion differs here matter if ur argumenting on right thing or wrobg thing.. he have no right to hurt u.. for that reason any human cannot hit any other it a girl or a boy.. but yes.. if till now u have not involved ur elders or loved ones into this.. then ask them to intervene.. and if nothing changes then take a stand.. at the end I would just say u r not alone .. u r going to be a mother .. u have ur lil one's future in ur hand so take it easy ..and think smartly..  don't think what others will what u think is right for u n ur kid

Don't take any Immediate Step..
Think about the Cause of Diff between both of U..
keeping Ur Ego aside..
Afterall, u r going to be a Mother.  A Best Mother vl always try to give the child Best of the Best.
Dear, no-one vl be with you, if you take a wrong decision .
Sufferer vl be U and Ur Baby Only and nobody.
Filhaal  khush rehnay ki Koshish Karo.. khawo piyo aish Karo..
Behass aur ladaayi se door raho.. Try to overcome Ur Anger,
Fr the well-being of ur Litl Angel 😊
Enjoy Ur Pregnancy with Positive Thoughts plz..

Hi dear, so sorry you are going through this at such a time. We are all here for you sweetheart. But you have to talk about this to someone close to you, like your family, friend or someone. Take a firm decision. First of all, you should consider going to your parents home, you can't risk being with a physically abusive person, when you are pregnant. I would say, talk to your parents, and like said above, attend counselling sessions together with husband. If he is ready to mend his ways, then good, else you should consider leaving him for good. Its not easy to live with a person who is abusive, and that too who doesn't care that his wife is pregnant.

Hello dear...loads of hugs n love to's very sad you are facing such trauma at this stage. Thanks Babychakra for giving such explanation n clear advice. I would suggest you to talk about this very sensitive issue with your family.Try to figure out of his behaviour. Is he like this from day of your marriage or there's something which is making him stressed or frustrated like his work or anything? but still reason anything his abusive behaviour cannot be acceptable at all.  So think calmly discuss with your parents n take a firm decision...if possible go to your parents house for sometime think on issues....All the very best I pray you will get a happy n peaceful life dear. Please don't torture yourself mentally or physically as it affects your baby too. Be happy

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