isnt there there any technology or chances, giving anesthesia for full body in c section than giving to spinal cord? because im afraid that, if i get anesthesia to spinalcord maybe i will have backpain forever in my life. help me

shivanii jamwal

Why r u thinking about c sec only? I mean u can have normal delivery

Mounika Vishnu

but my doctor has done more c sections n rare normal delivery. I can't seek for other doctors coz she is our family member

shivanii jamwal

But if there are no complications then normal delivery is good as compared to c sec. And if c sec is to be done then anesthesia is given in spinal cord.

Mounika Vishnu

yeah, i know but I'm afraid of spinal pain in future. that's the problem here

Sheeba Vijesh

hi mounika, c-section should be done only for medical reasons which prevent normal delivery. why would you want to tear your body just for the reason that the doctor is a relative?! if the doctor cares for you, she would never recommend c-section without necessity. coming to your question, back pain is not caused by spinal anaesthesia, that's a myth.. bad posture is the main reason. also, one must not lift heavy weights till 6 months...

Mounika Vishnu

tq so much both of you

Sheeba Vijesh

anytime sweety, but do consider another doctor if possible... its for your own good...

Deepa Makhija

hello dear...i can understnd ur concern same thought was running into my mind when i was going through the phase..pls don thnk much njy ur time and relax..

shikha Singh

hi.. I had girl thru c sec last week

shikha Singh

injection in spine immediately numbs the area....
n back ache as said by sheeba is due to bad posture

Shyama Santhosh

Its seriously a myth that anaesthesia in spinal cord gives you back pain for entire life...Thats not true..Its ur postures, type of work you do after c section, Not taking proper rest leads To back pain

Sonali Shivlani

Epidural does not cause back ache and spinal issues. It has benefits as you are awake and alert can meet the baby immediately and also breast feed. There is the option of general anesthesia in which you are completely asleep. Discuss your apprehension with the doctor especially reasoning behind c section. Vaginal birth is naturally more healthy for mom and baby. Cesarean should be done only if there is a medical issue for the mother or baby.

Mounika Vishnu

hi Sheeba Vijesh, Sonali Shivlani. you both said that bad posture is the one which causes back ache in c sec. which posture mean the bad one and when, i mean during giving anesthesia or after the surgery, while getting recovery.

Shyama Santhosh

Mounika Godena bad postures means if you are sitting or standing for long time.

Sheeba Vijesh

bad posture as in when feeding baby(in the early days, feeding will be a lot) most women tend to bend towards the baby. this is bad posture. you can read more about breastfeeding on my page and there are articles in baby chakra too.. do refer to them..

Sonika Singh

hi ...yes I got C section... anaesthesia in   my spine cord....I do not have any kind of backache..... nothing ....

Dr. Payal M

ive had 2 cesareans..no backache fr life!! take lot of care in tbe first few weeks when u r sitting to feed, getting up frm bed etc. try to get a good massage fr first few months.

Tanvi Sampat

Hello dear I have gone through 2 c-sections(due to medical complications )trust me back pain is a myth if u take care of urself properly and start yoga to correct posture and all after 6 months of the operation it will help u heal better and also leave u with no pain but gain....hope it helps

aditi manja

hey..don't worry. I have had c section too. Been 7 months now, but things are just fine. Let the doctor try their best for a normal delivery. In case it doesn't happen and you have to go through a c section, it will not be bad. Certainly not as scary as you feel. Any surgery is a trauma for the body. But with proper awareness about the recovery post surgery you will be just fine. Talk to your gynaec and find out the physiotherapy exercises that you can start post  delivery. Once you have the go ahead from your doctor you can start back strengthening exercises that will help you get better. It is extremely important that you strengthen your back, because you will be doing a lot of lifting. ( the baby among many other things ) Bad posture, a weak back and constant up and down with the baby is a perfect cocktail for back pain. If you are careful about these things, you will be just fine. Enjoy the weeks before delivery. You will be happily occupied in the coming months. Take care! Hope you have a healthy delivery and baby.


no I had c sec. 5 day back. pain stay long but dont worry will be ok after a mth or 2

Mounika Vishnu

tq everyone who ever gave your valuable suggestions. now i feel relieved

Dr Nikhil Datar

I can see three issues here.1. why C section? well every pt has a right to choose how she wants to deliver. if there are no medical problems one may want to prefer natural child birth after studying pros and cons.  issue 2 is about spinal anaesthesia. it is safer than general anaesthesia. general anaesthesia can be given for C section. spinal anaesthesia can not cause permanent back ache. similar technique is used for epidural analgesia or painless delivery ... back ache after delivery is a very on problem and has nothing to do with spinal. hope this clarifies

Nandhini Venkat

Yes ofcourse u will have back pain but u could likely reduce it by taking plenty of water everyday after ur c sec,  which will remove toxins from ur body.  I am finding it effective....

Saumya Dwivedi

Hey Monika!! Back pain is a common complain during and after pregnancy, it's mostly related to the postural changes and weight gain. Also the increased  pressure and weakening of your muscles contributes largely to it. A good rest and excercise will help you regain your strength. Anesthesia doesn't and won't really have any adverse effects so don't have any apprehensions about it!

Parampreet Kaur

Hi.. I had c section last September with full body anesthesia... All went well

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