Parenting : how to manage our daily chores while taking care of child?(I am staying alone with baby. sometimes my husband has to travel out of city) ,  Would like to know best ways to take care of baby.  Finding difficult when I am alone at home.

pre plan things, take help, hire maid if necessary, buy groceries online these r the things i cud think of as of now. good luck :)

dear archana , this time management thing is soooooo.hard . I too have the same issue .I am not sure if u know flylady . google her , she has some sense of structuring the day concept they have an app too

i also face the same issue. i usually buy groceries online. prepare ur food and baby food in prior as soon as u feel like baby is playing. give her some musical toys to play. place mattress down in kitchen or dining area if u have space. so u can do kitchen work with that easily. u can even keep on talking to baby from there. so baby will also not get bored. and u vl be able to manage some household.. this is some tips of how i tries to manage. hope it works for u 😊

its a wonderful.woman who found a system to domestic life

hi Archana. u can invest in a good playpen or a cradle swing and the baby can be in that during ur chores. it's portable. and u can leave the baby in cot which is the safest option. and if u r not satisfied there r baby monitors through which u can monitor ur baby all d time. it might cost a little but make things very very easy for u.

work when baby is sleeping. put baby in a schedule. ur profile says u have a 6mt baby. a baby that age sleeps allmost 12-14 hrs a day. which means allmost 4-5 times.
night sleep by 9pm. switch off lights and put baby to sleep. u will be in a pattern soon.

Thank you all for ur suggestions

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