my baby has mulgum cough yest night. i m worried abt him. my mom gave him some desi known as gaso morn. he s coughing less n sleeping now. shud i take him to doc or continue wat i gave him before.

Hello...sunita Ji..
My son is also suffering from same pls...will u explain this...what is gaso morn n where it available???

Please do not self medicate. Some of these medications have alcohol and hence babies tend to fall asleep. Please visit your baby's doctor for any prescriptions.

massage with oil which gives warm to ur babies body and cover head,hand and foot...

gaso means baal herday

this s ayurvedic . so u can use by rubbing it in ur own milk n give him

however i went to hospital . they said its lung n ear infection. so i m worried . they gave medications ..

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