It is true that if you have any disease in pregnancy.. Then its back with our whole life..because i have so much knee pain. I heared that sentence. It is true?

Disease is different from pregnancy issues. Knee pain, leg pain, swelling, skin dryness, hair fall,bad temper, restlessness, putting on weight, abdominal pain...these are few you will experience during pregnancy. After that slowly we will gain back our strength. Post pregnancy also we have to take care of our health. Most of the women will get attention and care during pregnancy and after will be the centre of everything and we ourselves don't care much about our health. This may lead to some problems. After delivery also...we have to eat in time, eat balanced food, have calcium and iron tablets, go for walk and exercise. Above all... Should manage to have a good sleep and take rest.
Diseases means... diabetes, thyroid, asthma, piles, bp.. by taking proper Medicine, these also will be under control.