my 21 months old baby girl is going to understand everything but not about toilet she wet her clothes every day I used dipper in night because of rashes don't use in the day when I say something she starts crying my doctor and husband says that u have to take strictly.
what to do...
how to do? ????

it will take tym dear..
once for all u cant change her..so let her take tym..dont force r scold her...she ll become stubborn..so take it calmly n train her slowly..it may take tym but she ll surely change her habit..so b calm n patient..for rashes apply olive or coconut oil and then use diaper..it helps lot..

I can understand you concern. Still time is there to get used to her. Have an eye on her all the time... whenever they want to pee or poop..kids will try to hide from you or will stand still.. that time you just take her bathroom. Always keep one bathroom free for baby to use. Sometimes peeing will be accidentals. Baby sometimes don't know the urge until it's too urgent. So you only take her to the bathroom every hour or two. Before if you use to make her wear diapers continuously.. and now is she wearing panties...then her Mind is thinking panties as diapers. so let her wear long dress( frocks) and let it free without diapers or panties. So that she can immediately use bathroom. Have patience...she will learn

21 months is too young. Don't scold her please- she wouldn't even understand why. In the night you can use a diaper and keep her diaper free in the day to avoid rashes. Follow the tips in this article and be patient, it will work - 5 Tips For Potty Training. It takes around 3 years to develop bladder control and for the bladder to grow of a certain size to hold through the night. please tell your husband that she is not doing it on purpose so there's nothing to be strict about it.

patience is the key with kids. in the day take her to restroom in regular intervals, praise her that she did a good job, reward sometimes. In the night take her to restroom before going to sleep, tell her to wake u up in btwn if she needs to use washroom. don't give liquids couple of hours before she sleeps. reduce the time of diapers in night. hope it helps.

Thanks to all of you for your helpful suggestions I have 4 months baby boy also that's why I m worried. ...
for their habits n nursing. .....

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