Any suggestions on how to stop breastfeeding?? My daughter is now 2 years old.

aradhana sharma

apply neem paste on your nipples..when baby demands for feeding, gradually she will get distracted

Roopashree Siddireddy

You can apply pickel and tell her...she your milk has turned spicy and if she drinks..it will burn her mouth. Once she sees something stick or once she tastes something bitter or spicy..later they won't want to drink. After a day or so...baby may again ask you.. you have repeatedly say and show ..not to have.

Namrata Bishnoi

anyother way to stop breastfeeding

Deepali Gala Mamania

you can start giving her outside milk like cow milk or so

Deepali Gala Mamania

or feed her food proper so that she won't demand for breast milk

Namrata Bishnoi

when she will sleeping then says for breastfeeding...

Annapoorni Vishnu

neemoil s bst so aply it n d mrg so bby wnt drnk nd if she ask fa ngt fed her 1r2dys nly at d ngt thn start aplyng n ngt nd she wl avoid it too latr n midl of nght if she ask fa milk practs her by botl milk so tat she fels tumy ful nd wl hav gud slp

Sonika Singh

hey applied turmeric on your nipples..... if she drink it's tastes is bitter.. whenever she ask applied turmeric n then feed her .. slowly she will not ask

Sheeba Vijesh

let someone else put her to sleep, and substitute the sleep time drink with something tasty, like milk with honey... for eg. if you change dress, give milk and get her to sleep, let your husband do the routine and give the substitute drink... but before doing it, for 3-4 days make sure husband is with you during the process, and then withdraw... it is a process which takes time and patience...

vaishali agg

if ur baby needs breastfeed in the morning then avoid give some other things to eat that ur baby loves to try experimenting with different foods .give her breastfeed only one time ,u have to be little strong for all this..


She drink cow milk twice a day..but she always demand breastfeed before sleep n 1-2 times during night.


Yes Sheeba Vijesh I will definitely try it..


Deepali Mehul Mamania..I feel it's not about hunger anymore it's about comfort

vaishali agg

hello kalpna thakur same happen to my kid also even she demand more night time . I breastfeed my kid at sleeping time only once and at night no to breastfeed and even my kid say no to bottle also . so I decided to be strong and trying to cam her

Arwa Hozefa

hiii ... its the most troublesome thing to do . start with any one time . of she takes an afternoon feed stop that first . she might howl and cry for a day or two then she will forget aBout it . next stop the morning feed if ur giving her and lastly the night feed . also explain to her that now u can't as it getting pain and there's no milk . she is old enough and will understand .


Hey ladies.. today I took a step towards stopping breastfeeding..and as Sonika Singh told me I applied turmeric n said it was potty..n asked whether she would like to have it? and she said no I want good milk and not potty milk..n she refused to have it..but to be honest I m actually going to miss this beautiful phase of breastfeeding my daughter..thanks to all the momies out there..😄

gayathrib varma

I too want to stop in my case it's only one time at night he drinks bottle  milk the ask for feed then sleeps.  so I'm not sure to apply neeam as he will vomit Bocz  he will have it just after milk. ND he sat eat dinner  properly  too

Sweta Nagubandi

My experience.. . I Fed my baby for 2.3 yrs... i used to let her play for 2 hrs every evening..  followed by heavy dinner..  she herself used to be tired n slept off.. I didn't have any problem weaning her. Only if they are hungry would they expect a feed. so try full tummy.. so that kido also has good night continuous sleep


U can use Use aloe vera plant..,aloe vera gel from it..apply it before breastfeeding..

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