hello, my 9 old daughter is under weight.. her birth weight was 3.5kg and now 9 and half months still 7.5kg. she is not eating properly. she does not like rice and sweet taste.. she is very active and milestones are perfect. but  how to improve her appetite?

Drain her energy by playing. Give good massage. If every other activities are fine then no need to worry. Some kids will be very lean and underweight. Now a days kids don't like sweet. My daughter is having now a days sweet, till then she use to spit anything chilli and sweet. Try giving her banana, grapes, mangoes, chickoo juice or milk shake. When giving rice add bit salt and ghee.. I use to give my baby cow's milk in this age in 1cow milk:2 water ratio. But Paediatrician will recommend from year 1 to give cow milk. So check with your doctor. When i started giving milk..by baby's weight increased and she was liking it also.

thank you Roopashree for the post.. but my daughter does not like rice, fruits.. thats tha main problem.. she just want chapati..

hi kanchan, you can add ghee to her diet, dry fruits also... in chapati itself, you can try variations with parathas and stuffings... idli, dosa, upma.. try savory items if she does not like sweet... also eat the same food with her, show how you are enjoying it..

Kanchan Hublikar that's great. Most of the kids don't like chapathi. You can add grated vegetables while mixing dough. If you feel still she can figure out... boil vegetables, grind it and add in chapathi dough. And prepare chapathi as usual and give. Like this almost all vegetables you can add. Even you can add dry fruits... like mixie walnut, cashew, posts...and add in dough. You can use multi grain atta.. It's perfectly alright that kids eat certain things more and some they totally reject. Make some stories..." why you are not eating...when u were small baby..u use to eat same food without giving anyone. ". My daughter will eat anything...when i say... when u were baby u use to eat.

As she is too small... it's ok. They will learn eating slowly and some kids are slow explorers and want to have less adventure over food. Give wat she eats..

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