Hai mommas!!!

Try to massage your baby by yourself than any other people. It's a great and quality time to spend with your baby. You can bond Wel. I started massaging my baby from Day 5 of her birth. ( first 3 days she was in NICU).

Always massage with a big smile on your face.

0-6months baby - Massage with saying some mantras or chants or some songs. ( baby will love )

6m -1yr-  Talk to your baby by saying " we will massage your hands now...feet...tummy.." ( like this baby will soon start recognising body parts)

1-2 yrs baby - you ask where is your nose? hand? tummy? Baby will show you. near to 2 will tell u as wel. At the same time start saying.... " chest, navel, bum" should not show to anyone. No one should touch there. Only mom will see and clean. Should not speak about it.

After 2 yrs - During massaging and when you apply mosituriser...ask baby to play a game of breathing... say breath in... Baby will breath in then show how lungs will expand. say breath will breath out... Like this you can teach correct breathing habit from early age.

Enjoy that exclusive momma- baby time. :)

wow wat ideas n fun!!!sure ll try now onwards ..thanks roopashree☺

Rimsha Serwish welcome

Even I m trying same way till now,  but ur post added my knowledge about how to massage baby after 6 months.  Thanks dear for sharing

lovely post Roopashree Siddireddy

Thanks  all.
Have to see after 3 yrs wat else i can do. My daughter will turn 3 this June.

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