hi all.. i was a hard working girl. i had a very tied up schedule earlier. after the surprise pregnancy, doctor told me for bed rest in first 3 months. so i left my work. now full day at home, its so difficult for me. neither i am able to enjoy my pregnancy thinking that now, i wont be able to work as earlier. i have become so dull 😞 i dont feel like doing anything whole day i just laze around and mostly i am just lying and watching tv.

if your complications are over and ur in the safe phase of pregnancy u can still rejoin and strt working,the same case was with me initial 3 months i had a rough phase but after taking certain adequate days rest i startd working again cuz staying only at home made me more stressed and frustrated so seek your gynacs advise if alls well u can start of luck

dont worry dear..just chill.its ok we u lying all the day and watched tv.but tdy to watch some good stuffs like comedy..cartoon some thing will change ur mood.try to enjoy this phase of ur life.i was on maternity leave on my first three month 😁.

Hey, i totally agree with you..if you were working, Staying in home will make you feel like idle. But remember you are going to hold your bundle of love soon. Use this period and learn things. If you had a dream of writing a blog or learning new language try to utilize this time. Now you have your alone time, believe me its hard to get after you deliver your love. So enjoy and chase your dreams.. All the best.

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