Hey i hv 5 months old baby boy, i heard about flash card activity... can anyone suggest me wer to buy or rentout the flashcards for my baby? N how far far its useful n helpful....

Also suggest if any other such activity to start wid dis age grp kid for der brain development n smartness.

Awaiting prompt reply

Brainsmith has flash cards but maybe expensive ! Reshma Menon any other place to buy flash cards ? Shradha Tripathi Activities and books for a growing infant

Thank u for quick reply... But m not looking for very expensive

Hai.. as the baby is too small I feel than flash cards better take baby out to nearby park, garden something like that to explore things. Coz..whatever you show may not appeal much. Flash cards are helpful after 1 and half years. Now if you give, rather than will keep in mouth. Show original vegetables and fruits and tell it's name. Take baby out and show plants n birds in natural way. Show old album and tell who they are and how they are related to baby.

Babies initially see only black and white and slowly their vision will strengthen ( I heard so). So best way is to explore out... weekend plan out outings with some nearby new place. Picnic out. Now the vision should strengthen. Buy colorful soft toys or rubber toys, rattles, teethers. And no board book, flash cards anything that's is paper. you can try " bathbook". That will be waterproof and colorful. you will get it online Amazon or Firstcry.

Thank u for yr reply bt i read sumwer dat for first 6 months der grasping power is the best of der rest life n dey learn maximum... Flash card is helpful in dat case, so askd...

Hmm.. I too thought this and bought board books, flash cards, mini books... and it turned out to be my worst decision ever... my baby started chewing it. as kids above 5+ months start teething. Than teethers..books felt good for chewing and it took for more than 1 year to make her understand that books are not for chewing. I applied bitter femite liquite to make her quit this habit.

She was so much addicted to paper chewing... that... wherever she use to see price tags while shopping...she use to ask her dad to buy for her. Then in my absence chew it. It was so difficult... for that my house not a single inch paper was there. Now after so much efforts...things settled. I was worried that...I join her school and she will eat whole of her work book... ha ha ha ha ha..


Roopashree Siddireddy what a story !! Been laughing ever since !!! BabyChakra

Ha ha ha ha... yaa. where we use to visit...she use to rush for paper... and ppl know me I am a bookworm. And they use to credit this young age, you daughter loves book . What they know about my problem. ha ha ha ha ha.

hie dear.  U can make your own flashcards at home..  babies at this age are fond of colors..  primary colors.. u can bring A4 size papers cut them into two and laminate the same.  show it to ur baby introducing one color each. Even u can stick pitcures of ur family members on white papers cut them into the size of photos and laminate them.  introduce them to baby..  say for n example.. (say hie to nani,  say hie to masi).. 
moreover u can introduce shapes later on..  cutting paper of different shapes.. stick ice cream stick behind it n show to ur baby that this ia circle..  this is triangle..
All above is with minimal cost.  hope this is helpfull :)

Good idea Dhara Popat you can also use " felt sheets" you will get that online in Amazon,
please post this on your profile... many will see and get idea.

thank u..  Roopashree :)
i just posted the same on my profile :) happy that u liked the ideas

Wow! This is a fantastic idea Dhara Popat! BabyChakra Rhituparna Mitra Gauri Rane

Thanks dhara for sharing is also vry helpful for me

flash cards at this age should be meant just for the stimulation of senses and as parents were should not expect any learning outcomes. flashing the cards at high speed is the key. you can go for krazy brand flash cards. available on Amazon. i haven't used personally but heard good reviews. they have many topics. brainsmith quantum cards are also one option. having said that, flash cards should form just a miniscule part of a child's life. involve more in real life things and hands on things and outdoors for overall development.

you might want to follow the series of articles that I'm writing for babychakra - how to develop your baby's brain. it will have month wise activities to do with your child starting from 6 months.

Kuhoo Gupta the articles on your profile on BabyChakra are super!

Roopashree Siddireddy - my son has d habit of chewing clothes.. lyk your daughter had for paper.. pls tel me how do I stop him from dis addiction