Yesterday i had a big fight with mom in law..and my husband only supports her he is unaware of how she behaves in her absence....he is telling me to go back to my parents....i m in 35th week of pregnancy..can i travel 48hrs by train???

i dont think its good to travel at this time, n also better not to stress urself much.
calm down and spk to ur husband.

but i dont think so my husband is gonna support me...he wil support my mil only for watevr happens

he has admitted also that even if sheis wrong he wont stand with me...yest in front of her in fr watevr she blabbered he  did not support me

Priyanka you should ask your doctor if you can travel! and in such a situation it's better for you and your child to stay away from all the negativities.

fighting won't solve d matter.e even if u r 100%ryt n mil or hubby r wrong.u need to let all d negatives go off.its tough in f beginning....have patience ...u ve to do what s best fr d baby...

Priyanka we are all here for u. first of all calm down.

Hi Priyanka... it's better not to travel at this tym.... moreover i think u wud want to travel alone. don't allow a moment of anger spoil ur entire r always caught btwn mother n wife. pour out ur feelings on a sheet of paper n tear into pieces..ul feel better. don't punish urself r ur baby for somebody s else mistake. eat properly n take rest !!

Let not anger make you take decisions that can affect you and the baby. Stay strong, girl.

hello are you now...yes dear it's not safe to travel this time your journey is also too long clam...n i ignore not listening her ..please be happy... everything will be fine after baby arrived.

hi friend don't worry,nt gud time to travel be cool ,calm everything will be ok wen your little one will born your husband will change wen he become father be are like tat only ,you should be strong.

hi priyanka, hugs to you... take a deep breath girl, its a ghar ghar ki kahani.... its not good to stress yourself at such a time, and neither is it good to travel, especially alone. husbands will be confused as to whom to support and the lesser support will always be for the wife in most cases. just forget the whole incident, i know that's tough, but that is the best... sometimes we just need to let go, some things we cannot do anything about. and avoid situations where you need to argue, once i read somewhere that the only topic you should discuss with mil is the weather... and that was one of the greatest advises I ever came across... Cheer up dear, just remember your sweet little baby inside you... take care dear, and we are all with you...

@Priyanka No amount of advice here is going to make life easier for you. I have seen multiple MILs like yours and can only try to help you (thankfully not mine). Please stand up for what is right! Request some time from your husband outside home at a cafe (if you feel he ever cared for you). Tell him clearly that it's not about you anymore but your baby (your and husband's). The baby didn't happen just because of you so it's a project that both of you are equally responsible for. So by sending you away he is not just insulting you but your baby as well. While mother is important (and in no way you should lose respect for her or do something that you wouldn't like yourself), the next 6 months of your life are very precious! Peace, happiness, love must fill every second of your life. If you think he just wouldn't listen, take a call with your doctor and travel wherever you think you will get peace and love.

gusse me chale jaoge to apki mom in law aur husband apse jyada dur ho jayenge..jaldi me decision galat ho jate meditation..and read some spiritual books..ur mind will change dear..

Hey girl... I can totally relate to ur situation.. I used to take in whatever cam my way... However life changed after my baby... I took a stand for myself... More for my baby,  I would say... When we become a mother, it's an added responsibility...
I'm sure no baby liked to watch their mother in distress..
Stand up with your head high... If you haven't done anything wrong, dint feel sorry for yourself... Rather sit down and explain your husband, that it no longer about just him and you, but about the baby too...   any amount of stress would effect the baby...
Best is to ignore of you feel that no one pays a heed...
Trust me you won't even have time for all this when you have your bundle of joy in your life...
Please stay calm... Listen to music... That's what I used to do...
And yes what worked best for me is that in my head I started telling myself "this is all a dream, let it just get over, and one in awake it would have all gone"...
We all are with you girl... And please don't travel alone...

lots of hugs n love to u n the baby..if poss call ur mom or sis to b with u if it doesn't worsen the situation

why you want to go back. First try and make your husband understand who is right and wrong. Its not u at fault. Dont take any hasty decisions. Think before you react. If u go it would be all go for your mom in law. Why u have to bear. Just lovingly take your hubby in confidence. Win him over. Im sure u can do that. No need to catch any train.

please be brave and try to keep ​calm

awwwww Dats so sad pta nhi saari ki saari mother in law's ko kya chahiye.....aisa h to shadi Na krvaye m also fed up...same thing wid me also ...m 33 wk pregnant dr. told me complete rest bcoz I Hv prelabour pains but nobody want to understand...this is seriously ridiculous....don't worry dear m also dere wid u ...just stand for u n ur's seriously better to go to ur mother's home , tumko kuch time k liye healthy environment n support toh milega....ask dr. first...

hi priyanka. lots of hugs for you. dont be stressed at all. this is the crucial time we shouldn't be stressed r tensed. we have to be hapy as much as possible. if u r not really able to be there and want to travel ask ur docs permission and if not possible, make ur husband understand ur situation. everyone of us in this time same hormonal changes. just take care of yourself. hope everything will be fine.

Agree @priyanka .  Pls calm down, perhaps go for a short walk outside the house and put things in perspective.. you have a baby on the way and your and baby s health is most imp. Dont travel alone anywhere. See if you can call a friend or family member to meet you and calm you down. Hugs, we are with you.

thank u so much ...all of u...feeling like a family is here to help...lots of love and hugs to u

situation is in law not here she left yet night and husband is ok now with me...i am also trying to b peaceful

thank u so much ..all of u

for urkind support and suggestions....

dear just calm down and think of baby who is in your womb totally dependent on you and is waiting to come to see the world. just try to forget everything and think of your child you will hold him for the first time  when u see him, how he will.look when he will smile, and how happy you will be to have a child who will be entire world for you. all other matter can b3 resolved later this point just chill. I use to take lot of stress earlier in my life and when I had baby I have learnt to let go things. trust me everything can be in place but this time you need to just take care of yourself and baby. better if you get angry some time go to wash room, write down some names and negative things and just flush it out ( just what kareena did in jab we met) to release your anger and frustration..secondly do what lot of comedy shows or will help u. don't take life too seriously :) though actually it may. all the best just do it and u :)

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