hey all new moms, would u want to share your d-day experience with all ready to be moms.... 😊😊


What is this regarding please

Megha Agrwal

People say when u hold ur baby for d fst tym u feel overwhelming emotions
But frankly I did not feel any bonding or any such feelings at first
Gradually m falling in love wid my Lil one..
So if u also feel d same way dnt worry there are others who feel the same.
Does ny1 agree wid me?


yes megha... i have also seen such situation with my sis... as the baby grows , love increases ... initially a mom may feel little depressed or take time to come out mentally and emotionally....


anyone else who would like to share their experience of delivery day....

Naiyya Saggi

Megha Agrwal heard the same from many moms.. well said and glad you shared  A lot of moms think they immediately start feeling loving and maternal : that's never the case.

Sheeba Rizvi

I didn't have such experience I fell in love the moment I heard my kids voice n even cried on my both delivery awesome feeling. but yes I saw a strange attitude of my hubby at the time of my second baby. He took time to make a bond with our lil son as he was n still too much attached with our daughter. My son was also avoid going to his father n started crying. I was lil stressed as well But now they have a good bonding n love each others company very well. So emotionally we take time accept things n it's very natural

aswathy nair

hi all,
sorry long post warning !!
so i was admitted few days before d day to hospital, due to gestational diabetics. like many ladies me too wanted to experience a normal delivery. however, my doc said I had few complications which may lead to C-section. May sound silly but I cried first hearing that, but then wished whatever is good for both us should happen. Two days after I was induced to see if there is any progress, since nothing happened I was immediately taken for c section. 12.56pm on January 3rd I delivered my baby girl. i heard her cry, saw her face for a blink. They then took her since her blood sugar started to reduce. I was taken to observation. The waiting after that was really not the one I wish to do again. Till next day morning I couldn't see my baby or my family :(  but I am grateful I have a healthy baby with me now and we both are doing great. So if anyone of you is a normal delivery 'freak' like me, please keep in mind all that matters is a healthy baby, rest will fade in time :) best wishes to all

Naiyya Saggi

Wow aswathy nair can't even imagine your state of mind. Totally agree on the healthy happy baby but. Hugs!

aradhana sharma

I have a total different story, my baby was born premature due to premature rapture of membrane due to polyhydrominious..unexpectedky before 2 months of the due date.i was given steroids for 1 and half day and since there was no amniotic fluid left doctor induced labour and I went for normal delivery. I was completely freezed, in lot of pain from inside , and was so blank due to trauma. I heard my little kiddos crying I felt he arrived , soon after that I was given chance to have a glimpse of him, wherein I had a talk of 1 min with him. my brave baby was sent to nicu, and only after 14 days I had chance to hold him for kmc purpose , my eyes rolled into tears, I was a mother but my capacity to perform was not there,  since then every day I called in love with him more and more during my restricted visit to nicu, with all blessings of almighty we were able to take him home after 2 months, since then and now I feel my baby has given me birth as ' strong mother' and he being so brave has beaten all odds and is growing and is now apple of out eye, a notorious , tantrum full, cutie pie full of energy . love and bond of mother and baby actually has no definitions I feel I can only express a little here but it's priceless.

Naiyya Saggi

Aradhana Sharma what a story.. Rhituparna Mitra some of these stories are so inspiring ..


aradhna, hats off for your braveness... god bless... cheers

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