What should be the weight of a 2 month new born baby

baby shd gain ideally 30 gms per day. i am sure ur pediac must have told u abt the weight when u went for vaccinations.

what is the current weight and what was the birth weight ?

What is the weight right now

1.5 kg more than the birth weight

Hi Anamika,

Congratulations first of all for the new born! :) What's gender of your child? We will be able to advise accordingly.

Best regards

Thank you.. I m blessed with bsby boy.. Actualy his birth weight was 2 kg 800 gms bt aftr few days it cm to 2 kg dt means decreases by 800 gms.. It ws due to improper feerdng.. Right nw his weight is 3 kg.. I m giving formula food

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