can anyone tell me what kind of toys can i use for my 4 months baby....and where i can get it

He several toys u can buy on BabyChakra. Reshma Menon can help.

Depends on budget aishwarya p r. You can buy from here Shumee : safe wooden toys for babies or else there are also at home activities you can do with little ones. Gauri Rane Rhituparna Mitra can suggest ?

Also this article may help How to keep your child entertained through toys? Brainy Baby

Also 6 must-have toys in your baby’s first year by Prachi Arora .

what kind of toys can i use for my 8 months baby girl.........

Bhawana Saini check out the articles shared in this trail. Will help you.

Hello aishwarya p r and Bhawana Saini do check out these organic and safe toys fron Shumee. Though they may be recommended for six months they are very safe for younger children too:

aishwarya p r Playgym will be best invest. Rattles, balancing dolls with music. Bathroom squeak dolls. You can get everything online. While buying make sure that toys don't have any sharp edges. No soft toys as of now.

Bhawana Saini You can buy a cycle with long handle ( if you have space or if you are living in apartment. you can just make baby sit and you can's quite opted outdoor rides), stacking blocks, stacking and banging toys like drums , surprise eggs, musical toys, rubber doll, rubber ball will be good. See in "Funskool" brand.

aiswarya, when buying toys you have to think what motor skills can the toy develop... it is important that a toy be fun, as well as serves to educate... rattles are an all time favourite... uptill 8 months, baby has to have things that she can grasp in her tiny palms.. so keep the size in mind... also, no toys with buttons or keys, she cannot entertain herself with that right now... i bought different types of rattles... that fish one, a set of different shape rattles, a rattle ball, a roly poly, a bead ball, a ring stacker etc. each of them support motor skills too, that is grasping, picking, textures, colours, sound recognition etc. buy branded non-toxic, no bpa one... also the wooden ones from shumee are looking very good... when buying, thinking a bit long term will help you on the budget, because children outgrow toys very quickly.. so buy something that will interest them if its hidden and reintroduced a few days later... also avoid toys with small parts that can pose choking hazard... that's the problem with some local toys..