I m 9 n half month pregnant. my due date is 13dec .from last 2 days I started going 4 to 5 tym for fresh .I feel like my stomach is empty .is it a symptoms of delivery or something else.plz tell me.

Please do check for child movements at least 7-8 kicks or movement to be felt throughout the day

ma'am kicks r okay it moves through out d day

Then no issues check for movements and walk regularly for half an hour

Multiple bowel movements are expected and is a pre labor sign. Stay alert for leaking fluid from the vagina and regular cramps or contractions in the abdomen. Just to make a mention though that you are now 8 and a half months pregnant. It's normal for delivery to happen anytime post week 37 which is considered full term.

I would say it's normal... Good na ur tummy is getting cleared... Also I second sonali