Hey all..I am 19 weeks pregnant and in my 2nd ultrasound baby's brain is showing 4mm cyst......I am very much tensed.... although everything is normal but then also

Go for level 2 ultrasound, which is in-depth check, go for Alfa Fetal Test and finally check for open hand of baby for any abnormalities. usually this gets cured by the time baby is born. Don't forget to check with a specialist . God bless you.

if u are in Bangalore pls visit Dr Priti venkatesh, Manipal hospital. she is a specialist. she can guide u properly over this.

hi, pls do not panic...the cyst appeared for my kid too on the right side of the seems it comes up on 19th week and goes off after few week.It doctor made me go triple marker test and it took 3 weeks for the report to come.everything was take doctor advise and keep praying to God. however, pls be strong....don't panic .. wait for 23rd or so ultrasound

I have also gone for triple marker test.....the report is yet to come......... thanks a ton Shilpi.....your msg is such a relief

Good evening, you need to consult with your doctor / gynecologist and she will tell you what to do. She might further refer you to a fetal medicine specialist depending on what she sees on the report. Regards