hello, my 20 day old baby is really very gassy, he is exclusively breast-fed. what can I do to help him relieve it? can gripe water be taken at this time? and he constantly demands feed when he is uncomfortable. is it ok to do so?

Make sure you burp baby for a few minutes after each breast. Gentle abdominal massage will help relieve gas. Avoid gripe water without prescription. If baby is not hungry it is best not to use the breast and feed very frequently. Try and keep a 90-120 minute gap between feeds.

u can also give colic acid drops before 15 mints of feed or when ever baby is crying due to discomfort with gas..burping is must after each feed..

I used to give both my babies Himalaya Bonnison drops and Ayurvedic,no side effects

sumtimes baby gets gas if u eat sumthing wrong wen dey r on excl mk sure u eat healthy fud...yes burping is necessary after every feed

why gripe watr is not to be given to baby.. doctr has givn gastic drop. we observed which is not ok.... as we had given gripe wtr to baby....toh uske stomach ki aawaaz band ho gya.... nd gas bhi easily pass hota h