hellooo....my son wakes up every 2 hrs for the milk morning and 2 to 2 nd half n night ......why s that so..when he ll start to sleep n strch or 3 to 4 hrs ....am exclusivly bf...plz help

Sheetal Rai

hi Aishwarya. it will get better with time. usually babies start sleeping about 8-10 hours in night time after 5 months. breastmilk is highly digestible that's why babies require more frequent breastfeeding than formula fed babies as formula takes time to get digested. so it will come with age. by 6 months surely ur baby will be sleeping for more hours during the night time. but pls don't stop breastfeeding. it's essential till 6 months. all d best.

aishwarya p r

sometimes doesnt drink properly only few sips...wat to do???

Manju Dhillon

my babies toobnot sleping well , they r only abut 42 sats older ,,,sometime 2 hr , sometimes 1 n half only,again n again want milkk,,why so ?? i n afraid of sideaffect of overrfeeding of brestmilk?pl help in day time hrdly total 4-5gra they take sleep,is it all normal ??

Sangeetha Karuna

Yesterday i went to my pediatrician for vaccination. I asked this and he said, normally at 4 months baby will drink upto 120ml every time. She needs a solid 4  hours rest time. Else she will sip and take only 30 ml each time. This will not be enough for her and hence she is waking up. Also this is reason for her weight. So set a pattern and go for it. This was the advice i received and i m trying this out from today. I will let you know if this is working out

Pranali Vasa

try giving massage and bath or only bath with warm water before its time for your last feed of the day and then give your last feed, this would relax baby and make him/her sleep longer

ruqaiya khan

whats ur baby weight and age .also can u give me the whole days pattern when.baby naps and bedtime and wakeup.time in morning . a single stretch of sleep is possible but that hapens only once during the whole 24 hours . 

aishwarya p r

he s 4 nd half months...5.6 kg was n 4 months...morning 9.30 - 10.30 11.30 -1 2.30 -3 5.45 -6.30 8 -9 ...night 10.30- 11.30 11.45 - 1.30 1.45 -3  3.20 - 4.30
4.50- 6.30 ..6.45 - 7.30 8 .30 -9

ruqaiya khan

dear aishwarya , ur baby weight is less for a 4 month old. he might be waking up for feds during the night. with breastfeeding u cant understand if thr baby has had enough milk there is no.way to accurately measure this . breastmilk gets digested easily too . soo the baby might be waking up for hunger . as he gains more weight he will sleep longer stretches of time . even though he is 4 months old he has less weight so tiny stomach and gets hungry quickly .

Manju Dhillon

how do we know that is brestfeeding. is enough for the day for baby,,,,or not ?

Jasmine Gala

it's normal as soon as they pee or do  potty there stomach gets empty

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