Good morning everyone,

Please suggest which one is the safest way to protect conceiving

condom or copper T

i heard abut some kind of injection/ vaccination ,which restrict baby conceiving for 5 yrs.

Manju Dhillon thats new info!

Manju Dillon is there such vaccination I don't know about it

yah i herd  from  someone about this sheeba ,even they suggest us as well hehaa,dont have full info!! we can ask gyn. doctor ..

speak with gyne for vaccination for 3 or 5 years. condoms are also good temporary contraceptive

yeah lyk everyone said..
Inj.Depo provera is best..
it contains Medroxyprogesterone Acetate injectable one..
it helps up to 3months and even more sometym..
and there is no such vaccinatn r injectn fa 5yrs prevention..😊

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