hi Moms, I am in my fourth month and have been going through severe avoid reflux and breathlessness problem. I m literally on soft, bland food, apples, milk and yogurt. had any of you been through the same? mine started when I was 2 months pregnant.

Good evening, normally happens in 1st 3 months and subsides after that. But every pregnancy and wvwry person is different. Generally should subside with time but if not you must consult your doctor to make sure nothing else is amiss. Regards

thanks. I had consulted a gastroenterologist as well. had been on medication for 10 days. I did get better but has relapse.

and it is really terrible.

Go back to your gynaecologist and speak to him/her. Gastroenterologist only if the gynaecologist says so.

are you expecting twins

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