vbac after 18 months of c section. is it possible??

my friend is due in feb 2017. one daughter of 21 months.
her doctor has already told her for c section.

i had my second baby after 6 years gap, still my doctor denied.

largely depends how much ur doctor supports u. look for natural birth supporting hospitals near u

yes u r depends on doctors. but nowadays doctors dont support much...

yes. i wanted a vbac myself but my gyno clearly denied.

really what to say....if the doctors wont support then who will b helping us... i dont want 2nd c section

stay positive thats what u can do. best of luck. God bless. n congrats.

in my pregnancy time I was very active doing yoga walk everything still my doctor done cs..

A vbac is planned based on various reasons. First the incision which was made during the first delivery. If it was a horizontal scar then vbac is more likely. It will also depend on the reason why the first delivery was a surgery. If medical then chances are it will repeat and a doctor may not encourage a vbac. It is best to discuss frankly with your doctor to understand your particular condition.

i know i shoud discuss it with my gyno but she dont encourage me. juss hoping fr best.

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