This is on behalf of a friend.

she was pregnant last year and wasn't ready for it... went to the doctor, got herself checked and was prescribed abortion pills. her husband wasn't with her then, was out of India for some project, so obviously couldn't come back immediately. after doctor prescribed her abortion pills, she completely stopped talking to anyone, went into depression and started having second thoughts about the baby, that she shouldn't abort. please note that none of her friends or family knew about this, n her husband also wasn't there with her so things became unbearable for her..

her husband wasn't in favour of keeping the baby, due to personal reasons, and both of them were just stepping high in their respective careers. she didn't abort the baby, didn't discuss this with her husband, and went to her mom's place, where everyone obviously was in favour of keeping the baby.

her husband tried contacting her, she never responded, just because she felt that her husband wanted to kill their baby. it was the depression that took a toll on her...

she decided never to go back to her in-laws and husband... they called her many times. they were unaware of the reason why she went in the first place and came to know much later by their son.

she delivered a baby boy, unfortunately with down's syndrome. she holds herself responsible for the sour relationship with her husband now, n her in laws are fed up of things and advising their son to go for a divorce. she wants to save her relationship, but doesn't know how to, since her husband is also not talking to her now.. please advise.

PS no hate comments please..

BabyChakra asha chaudhry we should have a psychologist share some thoughts  .  Akanksha your friend has gone through so much... lack of.comunication does not solve anything ..

maybe she can try to met him somewhere without.the inlaws . jus the two of them so.they can rekindle the relationship . sometimes far from sight can lead to far fron heart . she cud try to make him remember the good times they have . every relationship has the good parts the daily struggle of life gets in the way .all the best n I support the step of no abortion .life is life every life deserves a chance  to live . all the best to her

Very sorry to hear such heart breaking story...communication is the most important ingredient for any relationship. we will pray for her to come out of her this crucial phase. tell her not to lose hope

This is so sad... I think, first of all, your friend should go for a counselling. She must be in a terrible state of mind. Once she gets herself out of blaming herself, some family member or common friend should try to get the husband to go in for a joint counselling with her to sort things out between themselves. The child needs a loving home. May God touch their lives....

Can Sheena Kalia help please?

feeling sad to hear ur freinds story...i think ur friend need to sort herself out ..for dis she needs gud counselling... in my opinion aborting a child just for d sake of their careers is not gud..i never support abortion .. so wat she did i think is a brave thing...
for husbands she shud communicate with him .. nd tell him dat y she took such decision .. she can take help of elder person in her/his family or frend.

hi dear she is facing tough time..  help.her to gain confidence again and do not find herself guilty for anything as it was not in her hand.she can once try her husband and both can have counselling from elders of family. she needs lot of love and care and at the same time please boos her moral up and ask her to become strong. gradually with efforts of loved ones she can have a happy life

this is so sad.. I don't know wat to say.. just wanna wish both the mumma and baby all the best.. tough times passes away.. so tell her to have a strong will power and try to tok to her husband..

thank you so much guys.. some of our common friends are trying to sort it out, but u know how things are still in some areas, if she goes to see a psychologist, people start commenting about her mental health, and the fact that her child also has down's syndrome, people do not know much about it, so everyone has something to say. the child definitely​ needs a place where he can grow up in peace n happiness... hoping for his parents to reconcile soon!!

This is so sad to hear. Unfortunately at times having a baby makes a family and another time can break a family. Some family friends are trying to sort it out but as a couple they need professional help because going forward they need to not only mend their relationship but also deal with a downs syndrome child and all of this can be very very taxing. Would suggest your friends jointly meet with a marriage and family counselor and clear the situation on their feelings. It will be very important for them to keep both their families at bay and ensure that there is no emotional interference as well as blame game from that end.