hello had my cs before 2month and 10 days, am having bleeding of dark brown color on and off still!I was told it would go on to 2 months and 2 months are done, still is Goin on! can experts help please

Bleeding generally lasts for about four to six weeks and in a c section it's much less time. Please visit your doctor.

Consult a gynecologist. Keep having fluids to avoid any sort of weakness

evn i am having the same problem..i had bleeding for 3 week ad then it stoped and now past 3 days again i am having bleeding as i use to get whn i was having my regular periods my delivery date was 22 oct 2016. is this normal?

Hi Leena, I had experienced a similar situation, my gynecologist had prescribed medicines. I think you must visit a doctor

hi ladies thanks, I did show to my gynec, she said till you are exclusively breast feedin it is normal to have on and off bleeding due to fluctuations in prolactin hormone