what kind of toys and activities can i have for my baby

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You may try out a few of below listed activities: Here are fun games to play with your baby as he starts to explore and communicate. Motor Games and Activities: - Place baby on their tummy to play in short spurts for up to an hour over the course of the day - Place baby tummy down on a blanket and move the blanket slowly around the room - Allow baby to explore age appropriate toys with their mouth and tongue (be sure that the toys are large enough so that baby does not risk choking) - Promote baby pushups, by holding baby’s attention with a toy and encouraging baby to push up on hands and hold position for a short period - Encourage baby to practice repeated rolling from back to tummy. - Place toys around to encourage pivoting Sensory Games and Activities: - Encourage baby to touch fabric with different textures such as wool, corduroy, and velvet - Lift baby up and down and play in different positions to help develop their sense of movement and balance - Find balls with different textures and colors. Teach baby how to roll, drop, and bounce them. - Communication Games and Activities - Play peek-a-boo - Use a variety of facial expressions while you talk - Read with baby. “Reading” can simply mean describing pictures without following the written words. - Encourage two-way communication. When baby coos or babbles, be sure to respond and take turns in “conversation”. - Hold a doll or stuffed animal and point out all the different body parts - Play with rhymes and songs - Encourage baby to play with toys that make sounds Feeding Games and Activities: - Collect a variety of scents (flowers, spices, cookies) and pass them under baby’s nose one at a time to see what kinds of smells they prefer.

Also 6 must-have toys in your baby’s first year may help. Look up Shumee on BabyChakra too. Rhituparna Mitra.

at 10 months my kid loved drums, mini piano and touch n feel n musical books. still does!

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