Hi. PLS HELP. I have been travelling quite a lot for 7 days with my 10 month old baby girl. I dont know how it happened but I have got infested with Head Lice& Nits. My baby girl is also scratching her head. What can I do for my baby to make it stop??? EXPERTS& MOMMIES PLS HELP. SERIOUS SITUATION. M WORRIED.

Use scaboma for yourself. Apply in the night and wash next morning. Repeat once a week for three weeks. For the baby it is very important that you discuss any applications with your doctor as we do not want to have any allergy reactions.

You will need to use Medicure shampoo and comb your wet hair with a fine lice comb after applying almond oil on the comb and comb vigorously. This will help you in getting rid of the lice. Do it morning and evening. See that the baby is treated first. Also if you apply too much oil and comb you can comb and get rid of the lice. Keep checking for itching sensation and comb frequently.

perlice lotion is excellent for infants and toddlers.

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