how to recover from post pregnancy depression?...as many time i get irritated very fast..i become sad ...i m fed of all guidance that elder in laws giving me by questioning my ways of parenting..dont do that... don't bath baby daily...apply this...use that..bla bla bla...they all r teaching me every time..but i want to follow those things which i read her or which r suggested by my working friends as that are more helpful to me...but in laws are always pressuring me or passing comment on me ..i hate that...like yesterday .my mother-in-law brought 2 👗 from roadshop daily mkt..she wants that baby wear that dress now but i i told that i will first wash it in Dettol than use it for baby..( as the dress was purchased from a open shop) then she commented on me...hamare bacche to aise hi pal gae...need lots of tolerance power 😎😎😎😎

rekha sagar be calm,  this kind of situations v all go through..,  as they are elders they have different opinion n suggestions..,  when its nt acceptable it creates angry n depression for us..  depression affects the baby too.., accept which is gud,  leave the remaining things.. do yoga in home...

thanks jai shri..but sometimes I feel like to revert back to them

if u start reverting back, it creates prblm..,  so better to avoid arguments dear..,  this situation happens everywhere..,   as wrking women our perceptions vl b different from them..,  n v think everything shd b best for our kids,  clean n tidy..,  some elders wont accept that..

Hey dear rekha, relax. Just think this. You are not alone in this. Everybody experience this one.people tend to give free advice. When i take her to upstairs, a neighbor whom i have never seen before will give me her advice like not to bring her outside. I smiled and came down. Again another neighbor who stays in my flats will say, do not always carry her. Huh gosh. I feel like shouting at them Hey you people she is my girl and i know what i do. Please carry on with your work😈. You can read few books which will soothe you like - what i didn't expect when i was expecting. Also you can go thru this article from babychakra
Post-Partum Mood Swings: What’s Normal & What’s Not. ☺️Happy motherhood

hi rekha!!! breathe - this is very common amongst all moms - we are hormonal and rightly so! many mother in laws behave like this - their generation is different naa! i always washed all new clothes in genteel etc etc so u are right. since it is roadshop mkt dettol is a must! filter, filter, filter. suno sabki, karo apne mann ki :) just hang in there - listen to some good music whn u feel u r getting irritated. or just hop on to BabyChakra app - see what other moms are talking about. just remember u r not alone :) treat urself to a small chocolate - chocolate therapy rocks!!! play wth ur little one, call a friend, cheer up. all moms are in the same boat. be sure to go walking whenever u can!

Gayatri Rao Prisha Lalwani Sheeba Vijesh Preetjyot Kaur(mylittlemuffin) pls advise!

Sangeetha Karuna so true, how long me n baby vl b inside four walls.., if i cum n.stand near the gate, neighbours vl tell, nt even 3 months completed,  y u r taking baby outside.. atleast baby also need some fresh air right...  neighbours always rocks..😀😀😀

thank you asha Chaudhary...😘😘😘😘😘

thank you Sangeetha karuna...now m little bit relaxed

Jai shri, ☺️ Initially i will be like grrr. Then now a days its a same old story. So will smile at them and move away from their site

Sheena Kalia is our BabyChakra Expert who is the best person to advise u!

Hi Rekha! I know what you are going through. When you have a baby, the entire world has an opinion. :) Listen to them as you cannot shut yourself out but do only what you think is right for your baby. Only a mother knows what is best for her baby. By the way, what you did is entirely right. Any new clothes must be washed before using on babies. We are all here for you, so stay strong and breathe deep. :) 

love you all😘😘😘😘😘😘

hey.. i guess this happens with all.. just relax and ek kaan se sunkar dusre se nikal do😝 do what u feel is good nd right for ur baby. everyone has some or the other things to tell us ki aise karo vaise karo. all such talks only lead us to frustration. just ignore such talks , u cant do anything else

see rekha, from answers itself it is evident that this is so commonly faced by all...   socha jaaye toh, cant blame the elders either, because like your mil said, they have also raised kids in their style, and their kids are healthy today... just calmly explain that at that time food and climate was not so polluted, now times have changed. so precautions have to be taken... half the time listen to what they are saying and sing  "la la la laaa" in your head 😛... once in a while do what they say, so they will also be happy. accept whats good and filter the rest... most of all, enjoy your baby... take care dear...

thanks sheeba...but problem is that if she is giving me 10 suggestions than out of them 2 r right rest creates problem..like she told me not to bath baby and apply mustard oil on head on daily basis...as a result lot's of dust is deposited on her head and become hard...and become very difficult for me  remove.even my doctor warn me not to do such things...poor me

ha ha... ya, its really tough situation... can't avoid, yet can't do... take the better decision... for eg. say lets try coconut oil for a few days, after a frw days say, coconut oil has made baby's skin softer and healthier... after a few days mil will get the point that " yeh ladki ko kuch bolke kuch fayda nahi hai, kisi ki toh sunti nahi hai!" 😄😂... be sure to keep the hubby in support...

U all r right ladies. It happened with all and we got irritated so fast due to some hormonal changes going in us. I also faced the same things for one month in starting. Poor we....

Even d same happened to me but in food.  Now I give according to my wish I neglect and don't listen to others words

Don't revert and waste ur energy save it for ur baby dear

asha Chaudhry thanks for tagging... This is something that we all have gone through... Almost all of us... I really needed to pen my thoughts over this on my blog... As a new mom there are two choices: one to do what others want u to do and the second to follow ur heart... If u follow ur heart u might end up disregarding many ppl in ur life,  but then u wud be a happier Mom... However if u choose to follow what ur heart doesn't approve of,  trust me it's gonna be damn difficult later...
I have fought all odds to break all the stereotypes... I did what I wanted to... Even though I know there were ppl not happy with my choices... Bt the fact is ur child needs to know that his or her mother is a strong individual... Not a one who blindly follows instructions.. It's good to respect the elders,  but not at the expense of ur child...
Go girl... Bt strong... We all r with u...
Trust me I have been through exactly d same... N today I know for once that the same ppl who doubted my parenting skills,  know deep down inside that I am doing a pretty reasonable job at it... FOLLOW UR HEART NOT PEOPLE IN UR LIFE

keep patience and do whatever she says n also u do whatever u feel which will b absolutely right. I can understand. U need lots of patience in this..

hubby is always in support sheeba😁😁😁😁

thank you preetjyot kaur...i m doing the same...i m following my heart...i know many ppl pass comment s on me...but i said to myself...i dint care...i know what is good for my baby as i m mom...thank u all ..lovely and strong mummies...thank u so much

Way to go rekha Sagar... That's great... More power to u girl

rekha sagar what elders would do? we have many things to manage around so we mostly think straight but when you have extra time you tend to use likewise...do and follow whatever you feel is right for your child... never compromise on that part...I have seen many kids getting spoiled due to such ignorance....try to politely handle the situation or manipulate.... it's your baby and you know better

Atleast ur mil caring for ur baby..mine not bothered at all..but want to show off the world n other relatives that she cares a lot...

Hi rekha first of all lots of love to your little one . See this is a very common problem every new mother faces. Elders have their own opinions their time was different the climate the food that Time was different so they suggest according to their viewpoint and also in those days their was no Internet so what their elders told the new moms followed. But now we have counsellers we have doctors we have Internet we can’t follow whatever any elder say because we want best for our kid. My advice will be just listen to them and ignore do what you think is write for your baby. As nobody could understand baby more than a mother. Good luck

Just relax n do what u feel right. They will give advice but u chose if u want to follow it or just simply ignore. Look at ur little one and be calm. Don't get into arguement or get frustrated as this is a time to enjoy with ur little one so try to be happy.

Hii Rekha,
Just ignore them n do whatever u want to do for ur baby no need to answer anybody. Or agar Answer dena hi hai toh smartly dene ki koshish karo jis se ki unhe bura bhi na lage or tumare according tum sab kar bhi lo.
Actually problem yahi aati hai;; woh log apne tarike se bachha sambhalna chahte hai or hum apni tarah se or dekha jaye toh sach ye hai ki bachhe ka bura koi nhi chahta naa parents or na hi grand parents bas tarika alag hai.
So i suggest u ki in sab problems me fas kar tum apne ko depressed karke bachhe ka or apna precious tym gawa rhi ho.
Baby just ignor n enjoy ur every moment with baby.
See when u smile ur baby will smile cheerfully..so keep smile....😊

Dont wash baby clothes in dettol buy baby wash detergent... dettol is harsh for babies

Rekha just relax..this situation already I faced... Do; what you want?don't listen others advice because ur a mother u know what is better or best to your baby..so avoid. Others...

Hahaha.. Same story everywhere.. Chill my dear

Hahaha... aisehi hota hai.. even my mother-in-low.. she alyws do like this..
And phir jhagde hote hai.
Phir husbnad ka sandwich ho jata hai..😐

also; my situaton dear...i feel so....irritated.want too much tolerance.rekha dear be patient for your baby.and do what is; in your mind

Go in one ear and out the other.... Listen ur shelf

I also went through these kind of situations so many times. It creates irritation n anger. Especially in joint family, where you can't even express your anger which ultimately leads to depression. Understanding and supportive husband is all you need to rescue.

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