Hello mummies,my 45 days twin babies are behavibg so much odd now,so much confused .from last three days they wake duribg daytime n after fully feeding,thry behave life thry are hungry n they not even take nap or sleep in daytime,but start crying after 2,3 minutes.whts the reason dont know,using loose n light clothes also for summer.pl
carry them for whole day in lap is not possible.pl sggest ....

Drx.Pooja Magadum

My baby had same problem upto 3 months after that my dr. Proscribe me cypon drop. So plz  consult to the dr. Or may they have gas problems so give them colicoid or flatuna 10 drops

Prithvi Balaji

are your twins only with your milk or also on formula??. if it is only your milk then they might need more so consult your ped immediately. if they are already on formula along with BM then again meet your ped as they might have the side effects of formula and u believe might need some colic meds.

Roopashree Siddireddy

Sheeba Vijesh please tag any twin mother's here...

Sheeba Vijesh

Dhara Popat, Prisha Lalwani, Charu Sareen Gujjal please advise...

Charu Sareen Gujjal(TheMomSagas)

Hey Manju, am a twin mother myself and can relate with your situation so well. It's really difficult to manage two crying babies. But hang in there. It's not impossible. You will learn the art soon. There are a few things you need to check. 1. The milk intake of the babies. Is it enough/less/more. 2. Do they cry at the same time usually? 3. Do they burp well after every feed? Sometimes the baby feels uneasy till she burps after feed. 4. Do they stop crying once you cuddle/rock or hold them? They may cry coz both need to be with you. Since they want your warmth they may want to be closer to you. 5 Does one baby cry listening to the cry of the other baby? Sometimes kids get scared listening to another baby crying near by. My daughter used to get scared given the loud pitched cry of my son. In that case simply take one baby to another room.

Dhara Popat

hie dear..  they r too small as of nw..  u jus have to feed them every hour or every two hours..  as charu said it is difficult but nt impossible to handle both at a tym.  be patient and handle the situation with ease. crying is not always related to hunger..  it may b gastric pain or want ur warmth..  be thr fr them everytym dear. When they start crying u can seperate them fr a while. take care dear..  my twins took three months to settle..  this will make u more strong :)

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