I am so angry on my sister in law but can't tell her I want all of u to help me.What she does is when she comes from office if she finds my LO is sleeping she wud wake him up forcefully and I feel it is not good for his health because his sleep breaks in between.Am I overthinking

Amrita Bagchi

I feel like doing the same thing to them! wake up such grown ups from their incomplete sleep and see how it makes them feel.

Jai shri

politely tel,  its nt gud to wokeup sleeping kid, its nt gud for their health...

Amrita Bagchi

go to livestrong.com and you'll get to know the harmful effects of incomplete, interrupted sleep among babies. interrupted sleep is like no sleep at all.

Sheeba Vijesh

i too have faced this, i used to work so hard to put baby to sleep, and visitors would come and wake baby up. some people just don't have the sensitivity. tell your sister-in-law, as sweetly you can say, that baby just slept and gets overstimulated if his sleep gets interrupted. you could shut the door and be with your baby, at the time she comes from office.. say you were feeding him.


when babies are repeatedly woken up from sleep forcefully, they tend to be cranky which will lead to restlessness n other problems later on, not just for the baby, but for u too. talk to ur sis in law politely and tell her not to wake up the baby forcefully, but wait for the baby to wake on his own. if you can't or don't want to talk, let ur husband talk on your behalf about this.
if still she does not listen, trust your motherly instincts and take your stand, do what is required for the baby. all the best :)

Sheeba Rizvi

Narrate a story of someone's regarding the harmful effects of incomplete or interrupted sleep of kids.hope she would understand by herself else you will hv to tell her directly not to disturb your kid while sleeping.

Rhituparna Mitra

Firmly tell her that please don't wake up the baby for fun! you can play with him once he is awake. As a mother, you have every right to have a strong control over your baby's feeding and sleeping cycles

Asmita Das

thank you everyone for reply.

Asmita Das

Amrita bagchi didn't found out anything regarding this matter.i tried to Google also but not found out.kindly share the link I think if I show her article or story on this she would understand better.My husband and my mother in law have explained her many times but she doesn't listen to anyone.So to prove my point I want a article or story or something that explains the side effects of this behavior.

Priya Sood

Hi ! Thankfully your mother in law and hubby are with you. Please be firm. Your child needs sleep and even without proof you must stand by this decision.  You are the mother be firm. Say its in the interest of the child.

Jyoti Sharma

Talk to her politely and tell her the importance of sleep for baby growth..... If she still doesn't understand take ur stand for ur baby

Kanupriya Jain

try same technique with her 😝
go to her room at night when she is sleeping, wake her up and hug her.. then tell her aap pe pyaar aara tha

Sangeetha Karuna

Hey Asmita Das, it happened/happening to me as well. It will take more than a hour to make her sleep sometimes and when relatives come to see the baby, they will hold her arms, touch her cheeks and she will wake up. I felt so frustrated. I started telling them with a smile that she do not know how to sleep and it took so long to make her sleep. And will make them to go out of the room. Let me be a bad relative than to be a bad mom😊😈

Dr. Payal M

most ppl r very insensitive to such things..waking up or sneezing coughing around a baby etc. as Sheeba Rizvi has suggested the right thing, try gently n if doesnt work, show ur angry avatar

Ashika Imthiyaz

u just reminded me those bitterful days...  any how  be a mother... and then sister in law and all...  Asmita Das at this u may  have so hormonal changes so that it moods may change..  never worry about this too much..  u r doing t fa ur child.. no need of proving.. 

ruqaiya khan

yes ur right this is.not love . plz take carr of ur baby.sleep as he cant speak.for himself. the love can.be expressed wen.the baby has.completed his sleep .try to explain to.her .I have seen many times ppl.show.their love to baby by waking.them.up.from naps or feeding them candy but its not love wen thr baby suffers .u r right to be angry be furious .set boundries now so later on they know not to mess with ur baby

Neeta Nihale

talk to her straightly. .. yes this will make baby cranky. . it's not good for the baby..

Sheeba Rizvi

Asmita Das I just posted an article related to your issue plz hv a look it might help you to make ur Nandsa realize how is sleep important for overall developments.

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