my baby completed 65 days she is taking BF she didn't pass motion for three days plz help me am alone taking care of this baby lost my mother recently ....am very scared

Rimsha Idrees

sorry for ur loss..be calm..it's completely OK fr exclusively bf baby not to pass motion up to 7 days...if baby s crying coz of gas u can put 2 colicaid drops thrice or twice a day..keep breastfeeding..hugs to u..be strong mumma


hi if ur baby is ebf then no need to worry. babies can go up to 6 to 7 days without passing motion. try giving her tummy time for few mins everyday .Sorry for ur loss. be brave n don't worry . babychakra is a wonderful app n there are many super duper mom's n experts who r more n happy to help u.tc

Shiksha Dubey

take care dear..its absolutely normal for the babies of this age to be irregular in their motion pattern..if they urinate and pass gas there's nothing to worry..on ur part u do fomentation with hot water on the stomach...baby will be relieved soon

asha chaudhry

rosie - first of all a big hug. i m so so sorry for ur loss. pls feel free to post here whenever u need and moms will help u. pls think of BabyChakra as ur new support system. so like everyone has mentioned if baby is on only breast feed this is normal. to give baby relief from tummy ache or gas u can try this home remedy which i still use for my childoo. make a paste of hing and apply it on baby's belly button. works like magic! hang in there!

Neeta Nihale

hello dear... sorry for the loss... we mommies can understand how badly u were missing her and especially at this time when you are a mother now...
don't be scared.. babies poop are not consistence. .. skipping 3 to 4 days are normal...
if there is any problem regarding the poop texture than ask your pead.


Hi Rosie! You are not alone. Each of us BabyChakra Mom Stars are here with you. If you need anything just come to our App and we will be there for you always. Do not stress over the motion. You ll have many msny more queries. In your free time check out the articles too

Riya Rahul Paranjpe

Hi Dear. U r not alone. Don't worry we are here for you. It's normal babies sometimes don't pass poop for 7-8 days also.She might be suffering from gas. please visit ur paed

Sheeba Vijesh

Rosie, hugs to you... there are a whole bunch of super cool moms here just waiting to help and support each other, and now you are one of them! welcome to a great gang dear... babies go without pooping till 6-7 days and its completely normal. just track the pee count, should be 6-7 a day. baby will poop normally after starting solids... take care dear, post all your questions and shard your journey with us...

Sonam patel

Rosie Emerald u have to b strong.. being a mother means face every situation bravely.. bcoz your child needs u.. every mother gets tensed too easily bcoz child is her integral part.. but keep calm.. hugs and lots of love..
all the baby chakra moms are here to help you and support you.

Rosie Emerald

Thank you all for encouraging words and support

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