my baby's weight is 6.2 and he is 5 month old. is it normal??

it depends on the birth weight of the baby. Expect that the baby is to double the birth weight by five months. baby is 8months old...she is 5.8kgs...but very active,eating well,all development milestones majorly achieved...also slightly ahead.Doc said slightly low weight ...her birth weight was 2.3kgs...but as long as she is active and no health issues need not worry. Also it depends on father and mother genetics also.
So pls don't mark ur baby with the weight charts depends on baby as well as family genetics.

yeah dnt doll compltd her 4 months last day only and she is 8.5kgs..lols she was 4.3 at birth..its fyn..she is normal..all her activities r all

thanks for ur informations. my babies birth weight is 1750. and now he is 6.2

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