hello mommies, pls share how u celebrated Ur baby's 2nd birthday..  looking out dat how should I celebrate my lo 2nd bday.. ..

I am also planning my girl's 2nd birthday with Sofia theme party with family n friends. U can choose any of her favorite cartoon characters or any nice theme n decorate n invite ur frnds n family n kids who r of her age with a small party with return gifts to all kids.

Kanupriya Jain your fav topic!

Btw just hang in there. We are going to come up with a series where we will talk about birthday party planning!

BabyChakra asha chaudhry let's have photo inspirations from our mommies !!!!

omg Naiyya Saggi - digging thru fb pix now!

There is so much you can do! A small party with home made food, close friends and party games or a big splash party and have your whole network there. I had gone out of town to a hill station on  boy's second birthday. It's all about what you want. Don't forget you can find, Special birthday cakes, party supplies, plannere all here on the App with mom reviews. Do share the birthday pics!!!

we had 2 parties actually - one in goa whr we stay - we had a large 2 shaped cake and since it was monsoon and the kids were small we just had it at home. the parents loved all the garam garam snacks the caterior was making in my kitchen!!! since they are small the theme can be toddler's fav character or based on TWO. if its TWO u can give them two of everything! 2 balloons, two sweets etc etc they are too small to play games but u can play their fav nursery rhymes! have fun!!!

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