I want to know one thing more that my breast starts paning some time I am in my 4 month.. tickling feeling inside by breast.. what does that mean Doctor..

it happns in preg..very normal due to hormonal changes and preparing ur brsts for feed the baby

thanks soo much.. I was little bit worried

Breast changes which means increase in size and sensitivity is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. It's normal. Make sure you are wearing a comfortable good support bra which is not under wire.

Actually doctor m suffering from exzima.. means near my breast there is a big black Mark which make me irritation in body.. so I am not wearing bra snc many days..

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And also my painti line also same problem snc m pregnant. hope you give me some solutions..

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Doctor I am keep on scratching my personal parts.. but my near doctor gave me ornitment to apply.. not to eat medicine in pregnancy

pour a lid of Liquid Dettol in Less than a half bucket Of water..
then wash the affected parts regularly..
u vl feel a little bit relax from itching and pain.

i think this is STD..please get ur checkup done if its exzima or else