Hi my baby is not eating properly,wt can I give him for eating or which is healthy food

his weight is very thin

Hi old is your baby?

Hi jyoti, some babies are fussy eaters. You will have to try out a variety of foods with different recipes.
Here are some suggestions:
- salads (cucumber, carrots, tomatoes)
- mix veg soup (dudhi+carrot+tomato+ potato) you can add spinach, cauliflower, peas as well

- oats porridge with dates (khajoor)/ banana / chickoo

- nachni porridge in milk / water with dates
- nachni dosa made with butter milk (chaas)
- stuffed veg Parathas
- fruit with yoghurt
- mix dry fruit laddoos
- mix veg pulav
- noodles with lots of veggies

The aim is to try out different recipes. Just like adults, babies too like a change. Keep offering different foods. At the same time eat with your baby. Tell him how yummy it is. Don't fuss too much over him, gently keep trying. Also set a routine - eat around the same time and in the same place every day.

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