hi, my wife is 5 weeks pregnant and suddenly got mild flu and cold..can I use ayurvedic balm to get it out..

Yeh that shouldn't be a problem. Also u can give her steam which can give her relief from cold. u can also give her milk with a bit of turmeric pwd. good for cold again. hope she gets well super soon!!

Steam inhalation is the safest! Slow but sure shot healer. Most importantly, let her rest a lot...that's the only way to get rid of cold and cough.

thank you guys...I went to ob&gyn doc today and they advised to took paracetamol as well...3 *500mg in a day.....i will update once fever gone..thanks again..

Hi Abhishek.. Even I got severe fever and body ache when I was 5 weeks pregnant.. The temperature should be controlled.. That's very important.. I was given paracetamol and every one hour temperature was checked. Please take care.

what food should take before pregnancy... I mean to stay the baby in the womb...

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