hi all, one more question, my two months old baby just loves to stand we support her with her arms n she can stand up nicely plus she can seat with support, is there any harm in this? many people says it can harm baby's backbone. is it true please suggest.

ya 2 mths baby r too small

A two month old baby does like to tap dance if held in a supported up right position. However it is important that the neck is well supported and all the weight of the baby is in your arms. There should be no weight on the still developing limbs. A baby this age does not have neck control hence sitting without support for the neck is not recommended but if you have an infant seat which offers this support then it's alright.

Do not encourage it now she is still a doll. Please give her some more time atleast till she completes 4-5 months.

do not put her in any position which transfers pressure onto her spine- weight bearing, sitting etc. All babies do what you have described, but it's too early to encourage it.

Two months is too small let her figure out how to stand. She will develop a curve in her legs if she stands too early

it is totally non sense to do such things in the very early stage..
this vl harm baby's health..

let the baby grow naturally..
take the time..

jaldi kya hain..!!!???