hi every1, my baby is 2 month old....since from morning to afternoon my baby not taking feed properly...once he take feed for 2 to 3 mintes...bcoz f ththe take feed every hlf nd hour or in hour..what i can do ?

Encourage your baby to complete a feed. You can do this by tickling, keeping him awake, rubbing his back etc. If baby appears distracted then feed in a quiet dark room with no disturbance. Keep track of his urine minimum seven per twenty four hours.

If there is a slight change in food could happen. Don't worry they will get back in schedule

it happens everyday from last 2 3 weeks....i have tried everything 2 encourage him bt he starts crying if i forced him

Hi even I'm facing the same problem.. my baby cries for milk and once she latched on she will sleep soon.. I tried all tricks to keep her awake nothing is working..:(