hi everyone...  I have a small doubt...  my kid is 19 days old.  she is taking very less top feed in the night and sleeps through they might by only waking up twice... Is that a problem? also my nipples are very sore is there anything that I can do so that I can breast feed my baby...  need your help...  thanks in advance...

Naiyya Saggi

asha chaudhry BabyChakra can help you connect to a lactation counsellor. Dhara Popat Sheeba Vijesh do help !!!

Naiyya Saggi

Also Dhruti Dalal check out Sonali Shivlani s response in a previous questionhttp://app.babychakra.com/question/683


Mugdha Joshi you will definitely be able to help!

Sheeba Vijesh

it is best to feed baby at 2 hour interval, you can wake a baby for feeding, no problem in that. have you breastfed at all? are the nipples sore from breastfeeding? if yes, there is latching problem. you should consult a lactation specialist asap. read ths toohttp://app.babychakra.com/feedpost/4137.

Naiyya Saggi

http://app.babychakra.com/question/214 here s another  very helpful set of answers !

Neha Goyal

Hey,  for the first three months,  you have to feed your baby after every 2 to 2.5 hours,  even if your baby is sleeping.  Wake your baby and feed.  As baby is too small,  his tummy and diet is too small so need to feed more often.  You can do tickling behind his ears,  under feet or below cheek( it was our way to wake him before feeding time or in between when he slept aftrr having few gulp?)

Dhara Popat

hie dear as the baby is too small you have to feed him every 2 hours.  i use to keep alarm of every two hours to keep the track.
For the sore nipples you can use nipcare cream.  after the feeds apply it on ur nipple and clean it before feeding the baby.  Moreover you can also soak napkin in warm water and put it on ur nipple area. you will feel good and nipples will heal soon. Possible than dont give top feed to the baby as it will affect your milk flow.  Your breast will adjust to the flow of milk as per ur baby's sucking.  so please only breastfeed the baby.  it is good for the baby's growth amd immune system too. once if the baby will get nipple confusion thn he wont b taking breast milk. 

Dhruti Dalal

hi I agree but she takes top feed as well as they baby demanded more milk even after being fed.  she sheep's in through the night and only gets up twice and after  malish she again sleeps for long..  rest of the day she is usually hungry every 2hrs...  hope this is normal...

Rakhi Puri (beautyofmommying)

Dhruti Dalal try ardo gold cream for soreness it heals faster as I tried nipcare and Palmer's nipple​ care both.....2-4 hours usually baby's feed as per need... u should not force-feed rest is ok but follow you pediatric advice on qty and no of feeds as it's based on baby's growth

Sheeba Vijesh

dhruti, 2 week old baby's stomach size is size of an egg. your breastmilk is all she needs. top feed takes longer to digest than bm, thats y baby sleeps longer after feeding on it. if you have bm, that is the best thing you can give baby, although you may have to sacrifice your sleep a little bit. when feeding, baby probably sleeps before filling her stomach, tickle on her earlobe or under feet to wake her up and continue feeding for atleast 20-30 minutes.

Dr. Mugdha Joshi

If you are experiencing sore nipples means baby is latching on the nipple. If he latches on the nipple, much milk is not transferred to the baby. You need to get your latch corrected asap.See a LactationConsultant asap.Once the latch is corrected, u will not feel the need to give top feed as well.

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