iam in my 8th month of pregnancy. my tummy gets bloated and tightened sometimes. is it because of gas or some other reason. I don't feel any pain though.

U will feel mild pain if it wud b initiation of labour...all d best

kp healthy avoid junk spicy and take frequnt meals i mean in urslf hydrtd

bloating is because of gas take few almonds when you whenever you feel noting and drink a glass of water you should feel the relief

Sporadic tightening of the abdomen which has no pattern and is relatively painless especially in the third trimester is Braxton- Hicks contractions. These are uterine exercises and are also called fake contractions as they have no action on the cervix.

thanks ishu bansal. thanks prithvi. feeling lot relieved now. I guess u girls are right it's gas only.

False contractions. Nothing to worry

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